Nathan Bickerton is a digital native creative twisting as the world turns.

Work featured in The Times, VICE, Business Insider, BBC Radio and more.

🏆 Forbes 8 billion under 8 billion

🏆 TIME 100 most mischievous creatives

🏆 AdWeek’s #1 fake award winner

Experience & Qualifications

Rise at Seven
(2021 – Present)
Creative / Digital PR

Steven Bartlett
(2021 – 2021)
Social Media

Digital Marketing

Business and PR
First Class Honours


“Where do I see myself in five years?”

Probably not making up an FAQ section for my site.

“Why do you wear shorts all year round?”

Because I’m seasonally challenged. Plus my productivity and creativity skyrockets when I’m dressed comfortably.

“How do you stand out from the crowd?”

Look at what everyone else is doing then do the exact opposite. When world turns, twist.

“How can I cut through the noise and make sick campaigns?”

Drop me a message on social media…